The 2014 Tour Season has ended. Tours will return in June 2015 with new tours.

A Ghostly Walk Through Old Strathcona

A ghostly walk through Old Strathcona, where we stop in front of certain building, houses and shops that have reported ghosts, hauntings, murders and mysteries.  They are all true stories that come from area residents and business owners.  The tours are hosted by a veteran story teller with 12 years of experience. Held all summer long, the tours are a great outing for the whole family.

University of Alberta/Garneau History & Haunted Walk

A little education can be a ghastly business!  The University of Alberta, a center for academics and higher learning, has more than its fair share of ghosts, urban legends and unexplained events. 

We will explore the history of the University of Alberta, how it began and the many important historical figures.  We will also hear about the U of A’s many ghosts including; the little boy at The Rutherford House, the scientist who is still seen walking the halls of the Power Plant and many, many more.

Halloween Haunt at Rutherford House

Join us for a ghost tour guided by Edmonton Ghost Tours, through Garneau and the U of A Campus.  After the tour we invite you back into Rutherford House to shake off the heebie jeebies with hot tea, pumpkin pie and cookies. Once you've had the chance to explore the house, a reputed medium will provide information on paranormal activity. 

Private Tours

Cost is $200 per group of 20 people or less with an additional $10 per person for every person over the 20.

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required.